Teaching Testimonials

It’s not the teaching, it’s the learning.”
—Sly Stone

Another day at Hogwarts? Graduation day at the University of Kent 2012
Another day at Hogwarts? Graduation day at the University of Kent 2012. I am the big person in the blue gown.

I humbly thank the following former students for their kind words.

I was taught by Tim over two years as part of my Masters in Graphic Communication and can proudly say it was a true pleasure to have Tim as a mentor. Tim was fantastic at providing the ideal balance of challenging me as a pupil whilst being supportive, helping shape the progression of my project whilst letting me establish myself as an independent learner. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Tim and I’m very grateful for the support, intellect and care that Tim gave to my educational experience with him. Thank you Tim for making my Masters experience so fantastic!

—Emily T

Tim was my creative supervisor during my 2 year MA program with IDI and the University of Hertfordshire. Throughout this time Tim offered me invaluable support and direction, which often pushed me to explore areas I hadn’t even considered, subsequently resulting in my achieving a distinction level qualification. I highly recommend Tim as a dedicated and well-informed design educator who was able to direct without being overbearing and advice in an approachable and articulate manner. Thank you, Tim! 

—Lisa W
Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University

I was lucky enough to be taught by Tim for three years throughout my Graphic Design degree at West Kent College – he was an absolutely inspirational tutor and course leader. He truly cared about the quality of education he was providing and helped every single student get the most out of the course.

Tim inspired and encouraged me to find my own style, and gave me the confidence I needed to allow my creativity to flow. He was a great role model and provided me with all the guidance and support I needed. His wisdom and experience made him the perfect person to go to when seeking advice, and he would always make time to chat about my future aspirations and goals.

Tim was loved by all students on the course and managed to perfectly combine discipline and respect with a fun and vibrant working environment. I can honestly say I would never have achieved first-class honours had it not been for his relentless support.

Tim is the sort of Tutor that students remember for the rest of their lives. He is a bona fide rarity, and I owe a great deal to him.

I now head up a highly successful online advertising Network, and truly believe I would not be here if it wasn’t for Tim.

Max Pepe BA (Hons)

Tim was my tutor at K College whilst I was there doing my BTEC Diploma in Graphic Design. I cannot speak highly enough of his teaching style, knowledge and encouragement.

Whilst being taught by Tim at K College, he helped me to confirm my passion for Graphic Design and all things digital. He gave me invaluable advice when choosing to go to university and vital feedback on my portfolio & CV. After university, I went on to start up my own design firm from scratch in Holborn, London. (Currently going strong for over 6 years)

Tim was very inspirational and a great course leader. He always had time to talk to students and encourage us, even if we difficult or not always enthused on a certain area of Graphic Design.

I still talk to Tim via email, end of year shows and visits down to the college in Tonbridge. Tim helped inspire me to take on challenges and to apply myself! It’s very rare to find a tutor like Tim!

Ed Allen—Founder and proprietor of digital agency, Aspire London

Tim was my tutor during my final year at K College. His teaching style and approach to projects was one that dramatically helped in my work progressing onto a higher level as he gave constructive criticism and offered ideas on how to develop projects further. 

I believe that Tim is a great tutor as he was easy to approach, personable and gave good advice about our work. He was also very helpful when I was building my portfolio and CV which has ultimately resulted in gaining some interviews at several major packaging design companies. I have and will continue to recommend Tim to others wishing to be taught Graphic Design as he has helped significantly in my degree.

Karina Monger BA (Hons)

It’s not an overstatement to say that without the support and encouragement of inspirational tutor, Tim Bones, I couldn’t have changed my career from civil servant to graphic designer.

It’s extremely difficult for a 40 something like me, with an established career and financial responsibilities for a family, to retrain and change career mid-path, as anyone who has ever tried it will tell you.

The part-time courses offered by K College enabled me to work and study – balancing a demanding day job at Cabinet Office and working compressed hours (a full 37–hour working week done over four days to allow a one day release for college) with family and study. There were times when I felt that I’d bitten off more than I could chew but Tim was always there with support and encouragement to help me stay the course, and with practical strategies to nail that first job. His professionalism, technical and industry knowledge are, of course, taken as read!

Thanks, Tim, without you and your commitment to life-long learning, I couldn’t have done it!

—Ann Bonson-Johnson MA A Poke in the Eye (Graphic Design & Illustration)

I studied under Tim for the final year of my degree at K College, throughout which Tim proved to be an experienced, easy-going and enthusiastic tutor. Tim no doubt helped me most through his energetic and encouraging approach, which reassured me that I was making sound decisions throughout my projects and producing a high standard of design. He also helped me to refine my ideas and his industry experience ensured he could always give appropriate advice.

—Rosie Basten BA (Hons) Graphic Design

I have known Tim since 2002 as my tutor at West Kent College, Greenwich University and as well as the course leader at the University of Kent. Tim Bones is an amazing lecturer who always goes the extra mile, he struck the balance of friendship and a teacher exceptionally well.

Tim assisted not just throughout my student years but, still today in my career. He assisted me on my path to a successful career in Graphic Design and for this, I feel I owe a lot to Tim and will never forget him for this guidance he has given to me and all I have learnt from him.

—Lloyd Neel BA (Hons)

Where do I start? If it wasn’t for Tim I would not be the successful self-employed graphic designer I am today! With all the help and encouragement, not to mention the skills that he taught me, Tim gave me confidence enough to follow my passion. Even after leaving the course he was more than willing to help me with any questions I had to help me along. Tim is a credit to the University and has an intuitive way of interacting with his students in a way where classes were educational fun and very interactive…Tim is one of those people in your life that when you look back at your achievements with a smile you remember him as being a major part of them. Thank you, Tim, for all your help in getting me where I am today, it will never be enough just to say it!

—Bonita Moaby BA (Hons) Graphic Design

I had the pleasure of being taught web design by Tim at the start of my HND course in Graphic design. Tim is an enthusiastic, encouraging and patient teacher. Just what every student needs, especially at the beginning.

—Sue Tye HND

As a lecturer Tim managed to strike the balance of being friend and mentor extremely well, I felt his classes were calm, well structured and immensely useful. Tim’s in-depth knowledge and industry experience were invaluable to me, I feel the skills and advice Tim endowed me with helped me to find employment in a very completive industry.

—Sam Mercer HND

I had the pleasure of being taught by Tim for the duration of my BA design course. We were a small class of diverse students and the relaxed, friendly vibe which Tim delivered really helped everyone get along. 

His dedication to the course and his students drove us to find the perfect paths to hone our skills, and the brilliant results all the students in my year achieved was clearly influenced by his teaching ability. 

Tim is a great teacher, tutor and friend.

Nick Mulley BA (Hons) Co-founder of Clubhouse Studios, London