Saturday, 28 June 2014

K College Summer Shows 2014

O'Reilly's Whiskey flavoured drinks design by Jamie O'Reilley
O’Reilly’s Whiskey flavoured drinks design by Jamie O’Reilly

s ever the HND and BA (Hons) Graphic Design students of K College pulled off yet another another successful end of year show. The show was well attended and the feedback was great, with some students getting interviews for jobs and internships. Some of the work can be seen on our Pinterest page. One  of our BA students, Alex Greenhead, put together a good little review that cab be read here.

Well done to all and best of luck for the future.

Book of quotations by Liz Owen
Book of quotations by Liz Owen
students 2014
Some of this year’s student sensing the relief of a job well done!

shoe 2014


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Design Museum Visit—Design Factory

Today my K College colleague and I, who also teaches on the HND and BA programmes, took a trip to the Design Museum to attend the tutors’ brunch and to receive the briefing for the forthcoming ‘Design Factory’ brief 2014/15.  Now in its fourth year K College students have managed to rise to the occasion by producing some great entries, and each year we have had students produce winning entries with two of our who were selected being judged to be in the top 10% of entries. Fred Sirman, who is a current HND Graphic Design student with K College was one of these, and his work can be seen below. This was a response to the ‘Designing Identities’ brief which examined an aspect of British culture. Well done, Fred!

Fred sirman 2
Work by Fred Sirman of K College (University of Kent)

Fred Sirman 1

“Design Factory is the [Design] museum’s annual HE project for BA design students, spanning product, fashion/textiles, graphics/illustration and architecture/spatial design.”

“Design Factory enriches academic curricula by offering students a range of unique opportunities including:

• cross-over into the creative industries
• the motivational factor of external deadlines
• professional feedback on short-listed work
• input from practicing designers at the Design Factory Student Symposium
• cross-college networking

Students work to an exploratory and experimental design brief. Participation includes 2 museum research visits, a competitive judging process and the Design Factory Symposium for selected students.”

The forthcoming brief looks great.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Graphic Design Graduation at Canterbury Cathedral 2013

Another great year for our Graphic Design students
Another great year for our Graphic Design students

Another year passes and another successful cohort of Graphic Design students graduate at Canterbury Cathedral. This year saw the small cohort gain two firsts, seven 2:1’s, three 2:2’s and no 3rds. Most of the students pictured here have secured work or placements with the design industry, including freelance design, book cover design, and one has gone onto postgraduate study. The BA coursework can be seen here. Well done to all.



Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Graphic Design at K College (University of Kent) Summer Show 2013

Part of the HND & BA Graphic Design show 2013
Part of the HND & BA Graphic Design show 2013

Once again the HND and BA (Hons) Graphic Design students of K College (University of Kent) have done themselves proud by putting together yet another great show. The show was well received by those in industry as well as the general public. Students were being approached by industry representatives, and positions look to be gained from the work on show.
Well done to all those who worked so hard throughout their courses and for your help in spending time piecing the show together. There have been some excellent grades awarded this year including a number of 1st class degrees.

Some of the show pieces can be seen here on our Pinterest page. Last year’s work can be seen here.

Miles Baker Clarke's branding for 'Cranks', a quirky cycling themed café.
Miles Baker Clarke’s branding for ‘Cranks’, a quirky cycling themed café.
James Sales' skateboard designs for his 'Four Seasons' range.
James Sales’ skateboard designs for his ‘Four Seasons’ range.


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Graphic Design student work at the University of Kent (K College)

Graphic Design Kent Pinterest

This week I have finally begun to collate much of the great work produced by my students at K College. Since the BA (Hons) began in 2007 we have seen the work, and the approach to designing, constantly improve on both this programme and the HND.  Year in, year out we have had fantastic feedback from our guest speakers and our examiners—who see a good range of work from many universities—to industry professionals who were incredibly complimentary and supportive about our students’ work at the summer shows. The acid test of this ‘quality’ is the fact that not only do many of our students go onto get good grades, but many of them have gone on to get good jobs in some great agencies.*

Take a look for yourself here on our Pinterest page.

* From our last cohort alone we had Alex Gamble who gained a 1st Class degree then secured employment with top London agency Leo Burnett

Karina Monger (1st Class degree) is a Junior Graphic Designer with marketing and communications experts Ferrier Pearce

Rosie Basten, who also gained a 1st, is a Junior Designer with 3monkey design.


Thoughts on Post Graduate study from Rachael Camp.

Former Kent Graphic Design student Rachael Camp discussing the pros and cons of postgraduate study.
Former Kent Graphic Design student Rachael Camp discussing the pros and cons of postgraduate study.

At K College this week, we were pleased to have with us one of our former students who has recently undertaken post-graduate study and who kindly visited us to share her experiences with our current cohorts. Rachael Camp studied with us for both her HND and BA (Hons) degree. Whilst completing her degree, Rachael then decided that she would like to undertake further study. After researching her options, she opted for the London College of Communication’s (LCC) MA in Graphic Design. The intense experience of post-graduate study had a significant impact upon Rachael’s approach to graphic design, affording her the opportunity to explore topics in greater depth than ever before.

Rachael gave some good advice and outlined the pros and cons for anyone considering post-graduate study. Rachael noted that finding time was particularity difficult. Despite Rachael’s complete commitment to the course, she admitted that studying part-time would have been easier than full-time. Most MA’s are quite intense and time isn’t in abundance if you have to work to self-fund and in such a short time. In this case just one year!

There’s a lot to be done. Rachael showed us the physical output of her year’s work and it included a great deal of printed books, reports and brochures—all of which had to be paid for out of her own pocket.

Then there’s the written work. For Rachael’s course, this could be anything between 7000-12,000 words for an essay. Needless to say that this doesn’t leave much time for a social life.

As well as feeling a huge sense of accomplishment, Rachael picked up on positives such as having some eminent tutors and guest speaks whose lectures came highly recommended. She also felt that the MA was a great place for networking, particularity as it is situated in London.

So then, post-graduate study is not something to take lightly. It takes enormous amounts of self-imposed dedication and hard work, but for those who stay the course, it’s well worth it.

We’d like to thank Rachael for taking the time to come in and talk to us, and we wish her every success in her future endevours.

The original post can be seen here at Graphic Design Kent and Rachael’s portfolio can be seen here.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

K College Art & Design Summer Shows 2012

As Programme Leader it was a proud moment for me and the students of the HND and BA (Hons) Graphic Design courses at K College (University of Kent), who, after much hard graft put together a great show this year. If not the best to date. The private view was well attended with people packing out the building throughout the evening. The feedback from our examiner, industry professionals—including former students—as well as tutors from other colleges was overwhelmingly positive. The students did well to make the most of what was a very small, grubby space (not of our choosing) and transformed it into something very special.

As well as some of the design positions that our students are going onto, the grades reflect their hard work and professionalism, and from our small cohort of just 13 degree students we had:
3 x 1st Class
5 x 2:1s
5 x 2:2s

Obviously I am somewhat biased, but take a look at some of the work and judge for yourselves. Well done to everyone involved.
The Graduation ceremony can be seen here: