Sunday, 8 November 2015

Victorian Illustrated Letter

Recently I acquired this little Victorian illustrated letter where images are used to replace words. Dated 1861, it’s addressed to one James Nood? 130 George Street, Edinburgh and is titled ‘The Picture Letter by Catherine Sinclair’. This was a letter for children to enjoy and I recall things like this being published in children’s books and magazines even in the 1970s. I’m not so sure that today’s children would agree that the bird hunting cat should be hanged for his actions nor the poor bull being shot!  My understanding is the the letter also served as its own envelope, hence the address written on it.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thinking About (design) Thinking

Shoe tower
Designers with souls!

So begins the new term at West Kent College and this week and my colleague and I have been introducing the new students to aspects of design thinking. We’re keen to stress the importance of thinking and approaches to the design process, trying to reiterate that using a computer as the exclusive means of problem solving is not what design is about. Yes, Google is great and so is Photoshop but so are our brains along with our ability to communicate and it’s these that need exercising as much learning how to make slick designs on a Mac.

We want to demonstrate—or rather have the students demonstrate to themselves—that planning and discussion are essential in design and for them to appreciate the importance of remaining open and receptive to new ideas and to be able to develop the means to explore approaches to thinking and the range of possibilities that such thinking can yield.

This little group activity requires the building of the tallest and most elegant tower of shoes possible. In doing so the participants discuss, build, take down, rebuild, and essentially explore possibilities. It sounds and looks a bit quirky but if it helps students consider that design is about possibilities, communication, interaction and collaboration then maybe they will rapidly appreciate that this unusual activity serves a very meaningful purpose.

And the winner is…


Friday, 28 August 2015

Mail me Art: A Mail Art Project


Recently I’ve been trying to find time to indulge in independent, creative projects. Teaching for three institutions and having three young kids doesn’t leave much time for doing my own thing and so I’ve been seeking ways to incentivise me to get things done, I’ve also been discussing with one or more of my students the issue of trying to capitalise on finding time and seeing what one can achieve within a very limited time. I have been extolling the aims of this video by Cy Porter on the theme of Littleing it to Death by which Porter outlines tackling potentially larger projects by approaching them by do a little each day. So now practicing what I’ve been preaching I’m looking to do something each day. This little effort was a entry for a Mail Art project for Mail Me Art which “is a project that has brought together an international community of artists and illustrators, amateur and professional alike, through art in the form of mail.” This took about 2.5 hours and I left it until the day of the deadline. If I’m honest with my own critique, the composition isn’t great, neither is the lettering but I’m pleased with the doodle-like technique that emerged and the some of the mark-making. I really like the concept of mail art and hope to do more of this.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Collage: Graphic Play

Collage is a great medium to explore fresh and unexpected compositions and themes.

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