Archived Design Work

Please note that this page contains archived commercial design work only. Any new work will appear on my ‘Graphic Art’ page

The following are typical pieces of design work that I undertook as a freelancer working for small to medium sized companies.

The process of working on a diversity of projects, for an equally diverse set of clients and businesses continues to make for an interesting and challenging aspect of my career.

LSC Cover (Via Remedy Creative)
LSC Magazine Layout
Illustration and layout for the magazine ‘Private Lives’. Cripps Harries Hall — Solicitors/Lawyers.
Illustration and Layout for the magazine ‘Private Lives’. Cripps Harries Hall, Solicitors and legal representation.
Books: Ancient & Modern Olympics
Spread from ‘Ancient Olympics’—Children’s book.
ICAN Annual Report. (Via Remedy Creative)
ICAN Layout (via Remedy Creative)
Children’s books. From the series ‘Wild About…’
Children’s Non-Fiction: One of a series of the ‘Blast Off’ series for Tick Tock Media
‘Blast Off!’ covers

Logo for Isle of Wight based theatre made up of actors with learning difficulties.