Calligraphy & Lettering at the St. Bride Library

oday was a good day for exhibitions in London. Firstly, we took our students to see the Association of Illustrators’ exhibition at Somerset house of which I’ll discuss in another post. After this, my colleague and I headed over to the St. Bride Library, just off Fleet Street, to see an exhibition of calligraphy and […]

Olde Tayles Newlye Relayted (Crawhall, Tuer & Field)

ome while ago I was fortunate to purchase an original copy of an intriguing book illustratrated by Joseph Crawhall II of Newcastle. The book is called ‘Olde Tayles Newlye Relayted: Enryched with all ye ancyente embellyshmentes’ and it was published by Field & Tuer of the Leadenhall Press in London in 1883. The book comprises of a series of folk ballads from […]

Hypergraphia—confessions of a compulsive writer.

should perhaps be writing this post by hand, as hypergraphia is the overwhelming desire to write, and it’s something I’m pleased to say I have.* I’m something of an obsessive when it comes to handwriting. I have been for as long as I can remember. It’s not that my hand is perfect by any means, but I […]