Lettering: Objects Examples Practice at The Letherby Gallery

For those interested in type and lettering, a visit to the Letherby Gallery at Central St. Martin’s should be on the ‘to do’ list.  Along with some relatively recent work the “exhibition explores the rich history of lettering through a selection of key historic books and manuscripts from the college’s Museum & Study Collection and Central Lettering […]

“What I wish I had known when I was a design student”

arely, if ever, can education mirror precisely what is happening in industry. Consequently, there is an ongoing challenge to identify workable solutions to help bridge the gulf between the two. One such way is by asking guest speakers from industry to come in and talk to and work with the students and staff, and yesterday […]

‘Mourier’ Typeface Versions II & III

few years ago I discovered a great little online ‘toy’ called Fontstruct. Fonstruct allows you to build, share and download display typefaces. In 2008, largely as an educational example for one or two students who wanted to know more about this opensource software, I built a couple of revival-cum-variant typefaces based upon the work of […]